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Aegean Seagulls

The NGO "Aegean Seagulls" formed back in 2010 by volunteers defined by their  love for the sea and pure desire to provide to the fellow Greek.

Ribs have always been a faithfull ally to our trips to the islands not always under ideal conditions. During our trips we always collect "inside" information about shortages and needs.

Our team gained our current legal status back in 2012.

The team's primary vision and target has always been to provide for the children of the Greek Islands and take care for their special needs.

Our targeted region is the Greek Islands. The same islands  that we all adored as travelers and always  cared for as fellow citizens, especially when we get better aquainted with their special characteristics. These Islands are the part of Greece that is always considered so near and at the same time is so far from the State' supportive structures and mechanisms concerning the health and welfare.

The teams primary goals supported by our past and current actions include the following:

  • Preventive pediatric care support  with an active net of volunteer doctors on various specialties. A key goal accomplished back in the year 2012.
  • Health Education and Health Promotion services.
  • Consultation and supportive actions.
  • Supportive  medical care and access to hospital care for the children of the islands (Tzaneio Hospital, Piraeus).
  • Organisation in voluntary basis of a blood bank for children (Tzaneio Hospital, Piraeus).
  • Assembly and provision of medical equipment and medicines.
  • Assembly and provision of clothing and essential supplies for the islands and selected institutions.

The ''Aegean Seagulls'' fly on the wings of their friends, supporters and volunteers. These are the people that gave the team the necessary means for accomplising the "route" of compassion, help and promise.

 The Aegean Seagulls website, serves the following goals: Transparency, recognition of offerings and the creation of a multiplier effect through the acquaintance and communication with the team, on  people with "an open soul box".

When we act together and in coordination we always accomplish more.

Always in times of need and trouble, the ''Aegean Seagulls'' will continue to sail through the sea and  the people's heart guided by the positive force of their soul.

Photographs of our activities.


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Κάλαμος (Ιόνιο) Καστός (Ιόνιο)

Χριστοδούλειο Ίδρυμα (Χριστούγεννα 2010)Αη Στράτης

Χριστοδούλειο ίδρυμα (20-06-2011) Χωριό SOS Βάρης