Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean seagulls in Christodoulio foundation

The team of “Aegean Seagulls” visited the Christodoulio Foundation on Saturday 18th of December and together with actor Stavros Nikolaides handed out presents to the children. They offered and received love. We would like to share with you some of the feelings that they took with them having participated in this mission of love.

The future, hope, optimism and love are concepts under scrutiny now our days, however there is a place where you can find them all gathered together: The Christodoulio Foundation in Haidari, Athens.



Our research into the current situation of the Christodoulio Foundation led to the decision that we will offer personal gifts to the 30 girls.

Valuable help with the selection of the presents was found in the suggestions of a young girl and her mother since the ages of the children living in the Foundation are: 2 in preschool, 19 in secondary education and 9 adults, all girls. We thank our friends Natalia and Sofia for their time and help in buying the presents.

A friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, offered as soon as she heard of the initiative 11 books that were received with great joy by the older girls, who enjoy literature (most of them excel in school).

Saturday afternoon the Aegean Seagulls with Natalia, Sofia, Lia Lappa and Stavros Nikolaides arrived at the Christodoulio Foundation. The children’s joy, happiness and laughter as they greeted us are impossible to describe on paper as they would fade. Stavros monopolized the girls’ attention, as was expected and it was allotted to him to give out the presents. He also gave out lots of autographs.

Two other friends, Grigoris who is a math’s teacher and Eleni who is a language teacher offered free tutoring to help the girls with their end of year examinations.

Finally, we informed the Foundation’s Board that if they ever need it, the children of the Foundation are entitled to blood from the volunteer “Blood Bank of the Aegean Seagulls” and this brought joy to all.

In conversations that followed, the notion of “giving time to time” was much discussed a concept that finds its true meaning in the Foundation.

The only sad moment was when the children were informed that one of our team members, who they loved dearly, their friend Thododris “passed away”…

The Christodoulio Foundation was, is and will always be a source of inspiration for as long as there are people supporting it.

Saying goodbye in these cases is difficult as the notion of “give time to time” suddenly loses its essence.

This mission was the “last flight” in 2010 for the Aegean Seagulls. A flight in search of hope for the future… full of love and optimism for 2011…

From the “Aegean Seagulls”

Lefteris Gonos