Friday July 19 , 2019

Hellenic Coast Guard




"The sea that divides us and unites us"


In a different solidarity movement proceeded this time our team.

Travelling in our seas we see, we hear, we listen to the needs of the inhabitants of our islands and not only. In these islands, 24 hours there are some people who offer us security, essential resource for life and growth.
We refer to the men of the Coast Guard, who with excess of soul and courage, are required daily to cope with difficult situations and risks, such as transporting patients, rescue shipwrecks, prevention and repression at the sea area and safeguarding maritime borders.


A work that is extremely important and emotionally charged.

Doing research for any shortcomings and needs for medical equipment, we were informed that there is interest in obtaining a portable automatic defibrillator in one of the boats of the Coast (60 Paz, Offshore Boats patrolling the Aegean).

 ΠΑΘ 60ΠΑΘ 60

The defibrillator has the ability to analyze the heart rhythm and deliver electricity as an electric shock to the heart to restore it to its normal rhythm after cardiac arrest.
This useful device is an offer of airline «Aegean Airlines», which had been conceded to our Association in order to be placed wherever it can actually be useful. So, our team decided to promote the defibrillator in Pathology 60, flagship of Hellenic Coast Guard, called ''Fournoi'' to actively contribute to a better implementation of the of the Coast Guard's work.

The company B.I. Mantzaris Inc., the exclusive representative of defibrillators LIFEPAK, took over the free technical support and a free seminar to the crew to show how to use that defibrillator.

On 27 March 2013, the four-member committee of our Association " Aegean Seagulls " visited the Pathology 60, in order to offer the automatic portable defibrillator and medical supplies, necessary for emergency situations. On board, the captain Mr. Nicholas Nanos and the Commander of water and land resources of the Port Authority , Captain Alexis Karakoulas,were waiting us. They welcomed us with great joy and escorted us to the hosting space. There, we had the opportu we discussed issues related both to the actions of our team and to the Greek islands, but also issues relating to the history and to the activity of the vessel "Fournoi". Captain, Mr. Karakoulas Alexis talked to us about the important work that the Coast Guard does and for the crew's life onboard.

   P1010729 P1010731

This small offer was done with the wish and hope that the human life will be always the winner. And those who are committed to ''guard Thermopylae'' in our seas to feel that they can fight, few, but all of us, the many, we are here-close- to recognize and to honor.
Finally, we would like to thank the Governor Mr. Nicholas Nano and the Captain Mr. Alexis Karakoula for the hospitality. Also, many thanks to the members of the crew,who wanted to donate blood to the blood bank, that we have created at the Tzaneio Hospital in Piraeus for the underage children of our islands

From hearts wish them good seas!