Saturday August 18 , 2018

Board of Directors

On  Sunday 17 Jenuary 2016 at 10:00' a.m. at the offices of the non-profit social Association “Aegean Seagulls” , 66 Marinou antipa str. Ilioupoli,  was held General Meeting of the members and in accordance with the requirements of Article 19 of the articles of association, elected the following members to the constitution of the administrative council as body:

      • Pavlos Vlachos
      • Pelagiadis Iordanis
      • Nikolaos Kontokostantis
      • Eleni Maria Kotsifa
      • Ioannis Papandreou
      • Aleksandros Anastasopoulos
      • Sofia Kasotaki
      • Eftihia Kolovou

      At the first session of the administrative council and by vote, the following persons were elected to the presidium as legitimate representatives of the association:

            • Pavlos Vlachos - Chairman
            • Ioannis Papandreou - Vice Chairman
            • Sofia Kasotaki - Secretary General
            • Alexandros Anastasopoulos - Treasure
            • Eleni Kotsifa - Consulter

                     Additional Members

            • Iordanis Pelagiadis