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Aegean seagulls in Antiparos island




The warm response of the residents


One of the most beautiful islands in the heart of Cyclades with beautiful beaches and sparkling blue waters, one of the most beautiful summer destinations.

Surrounded by many small uninhabited islands with great historical and archaeological interest. The characteristic thing is its Cycladic beauty, white houses with blue doors and windows and cobblestone streets. The ancient name of the island was "Oliaros", word probably of Phoenician origin meaning " wooded mountain". Later, was named "Antiparos", since it is right across from Paros . The island is a popular tourist destination for Greek and foreign tourists. Antiparos also became known to the Greek public in 1960 through the Greek cinema and the film "Madeleine".

For the beauty of the island and its inhabitants, we could write so many things! However, behind this Cycladic beauty, there is the other Greece that continues to experience problems. We will concentrate on one of them, that one that relates to the lack of a pediatrician at the island. In Antiparos there is a kindergarden, elementary school, junior high school and the first grade of High school. The children of the second and third grade of High school go to school in Paros. The number of the children on the island is approximately 170. All the medical cases are treated by two general doctors, Mr. Sot. Scourtis and Mrs. Georgiou.

On 09-05-2013 arrived in our group the information that Antiparos is in lack of pediatrician. We contacted directly with the doctor of the island, Mr. Scourtis, to check out this information. He informed us about the problems and confirmed the necessity of a pediatrician. After that discussion, we informed our doctors volunteers, who willingly agreed to conduct free medical examinations in the children of the island.


At first, we started informing the 2nd. Administration of health district of Piraeus and the Aegean for our actions as well as the regional governor of the Aegean, Mr. Nikolao Tritzali, Director of the Hospital of Syros. Then, we came in contact with Mrs Litsa Viazi, President of CGC in Antiparos, who helped us to coordinate our actions. With her valuable help, all the parents of the children were informed and undertake to coordinate their arrival at the medical center. Mr. Skourtis, a doctor, was willing to give his office and everything else that we needed concerning the supplies to facilitate the work of our volunteer pediatric team.


On 11/10/2013 at 14:30 we were at the port of the island, where we were greeted by Mrs Viazi along with a representative of the Coast Guard. Transportation of the equipment in our accommodation, a short break and visit to the clinic. The time was 16:30 ' and many parents with their children have already been waiting for us. A small problem arose with the testing places. The testing places were only two , thing that didn't enable our pediatricians. The issue was resolved immediately with the intervention of Mrs Viazi, by giving a class of the elementary school, so that it would be a place for medical examinations. In less than half an hour our pediatricians were examining in that place.

Αντίπαρος 2

Also, it should be emphasized that during our medical examinations, Mrs Viazi was constantly next to us facilitating our work at everything that we needed. A big thank you. The first day was easy by examining fifty children, infants, toddlers and preschool children. The next day, Saturday, 10.12.2013 , the medical examinations started at 09:30 with the arrival of the children of primary school. Then, the children of the Junior High School arrived and some of the first grade of High School. In total, 124 children arrived and were examined. Several orthopedic problems were diagnosed by Mr. Gabriel Bukuvalea, orthopedic surgeon, Director at Metropolitan Hospital and pediatric problems by Mr. Harry Alexandrato, neonatologist in IASO Hospital and by Mr. Ioanni Papandreou, pediatrician in Adolescent Medicine (Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus). Vaccinations, spirometry tests and ten small surgeries were done by Mr. Gavalaki Nikolao, pediatrician surgeon at Pedon Hospital (A' surgery). For some of the children was necessary and were referred for further medical examinations at Tzanio Hospital and Pedon Hospital.

κ. Αλεξανδράτος Χάρηςκ. Παπανδρέου Ιωάννηςκ. Γαβαλάκης Νικόλαος

In addition, diet-obesity and asthma allergy questionnaires were administered by Mr. Papandreou and clinical examination and taking psychosocial history (headss-s) took place. In the afternoon at 19:00'at the school hall a group discussion followed, with issues related to teenagers and became health education and individual approach, wherever considered necessary by the pediatrician, Mr.Papandreou John, specializing in adolescent medicine and Mrs Karvuni Hippolyti, health visitor.
The invitation to dinner on Saturday night by Mrs Viazi, in honor of our team, gave us the opportunity to meet the mayor of the island, Mr. John Leventaki, with whom we discussed issues on the island. We would like through our web site to transfer the Mayor's claim to find a pediatrician to visit the island even once a month. The Municipality of Antiparos is offering accommodation and travel costs. For further information you can call tel. 22840-28314.
κ. Γαβαλάκης Νικόλαος και ο κ. Γκόνος Ελευθέριοςκ. Μπουκουβαλέας Γαβριήλ
The time passed pleasantly and the next day was a difficult day of return due to the weather. We left the lines of communication open and we will be next to them with the medical interface of Tzanio Hospital. From our side, we would like to thank them for the dinner and for their considerable cooperation.
Sunday 13/10/2013. We are getting ready for our departure. The weather had been changing from Saturday night. On Sunday morning we were thinking of the route that we should follow because the force of the wind was getting worst. The prognostics showed 6 and in some places 7 beaufort. The captains of the vessels, Mr. Evangelos Karabetsos and Mr. Konstantinos Kollias, designed the best possible way, so it would be more convienient for the crew. Their experience combined with the two boats MARVEL of 9.30 and 9.60 meters made our return safe and comfortable . At this point, we have to say that our team has been searching for a company of inflattable vessels, that could take part in our missions. Mr. Karabetsos, manufacturer of those vessels, immediately responded to our invitation and provided his vessels and his time for our purpose. This proved really salutary for our return, which despite the bad weather, held safely. In the video below you should have see part of our trip.
MARVELGrabbed Frame 3

We sincerely thank Mr. Evangelos Karabetsos, manufacturer of the company of the inflatable boats MARVEL and Mr. Konstantinos Kollias for their significant contribution. Near the, we felt safe and we were able to make our trip fun.

We thank the Company LALIZAS SA that supplied with free personal equipment our team for our safe and comfortable transport. Our doctors commented our equipment with the best words.

The company DIMOULAS SA for the supply of medical equipment.

Mr. Bayraktari George who keeps parking for boats in the Marathon Tomb for hauling and launching our boats.

Eve Kritikopoulou and the friend Tasos Zervas who stood by us in this mission with their financial support.
We would like to thank all of you that you are always on our side and help out our missions. It is very important that our children, the future of this country, have access to free health.