Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean Seagulls in Sifnos Island 2017


    The waves of happiness  


 The sea presents an enchanting alternation. The waves and the flurry lead to peace and tranquility. Its colors and sounds are blended attracting the soul. The power of the sea always has determined the human evolution and activities.

Human activities are colored differently when the sea is involved. Similarities with people's lives are particularly obvious. Tempests lead to peace and balance or to peace and destruction.

Each time the "Seagulls" open our wings these images, these sounds and thoughts stroll in our mind. The salty smell of sea and wind leads us once more to our friends in need, the islanders.

Children and adolescents while growing up they face "waves" of challenges whose strength and height are multiplied and illuminated differently by the demanding environment of the islands and the determinant constraints imposed by the sea. Children's laughter must stand out in calm waters and not be lost in the tempests of the sea.

In this spirit, on the 3rd of November 2017, the "Seagulls" sailed from Marathon with calm seas. The weather is ideal and the inflatable boats found their way in the deep blue following the course of the dolphins. The souls open until the horizon, where our destination is located, Kamares the port of Sifnos island.

Upon our arrival, we met with good friends, Mr. Andreas Babounis, Mayor and Mr. Costas Soulis, President of the City Council. Our medical team disembarked promptly, and along with the equipment was swiftly transferred to the well-known area of action, the Sifnos Multipurpose Regional Clinic.



The place is filled with voices. Children and their parents came carrying their need and in order to receive "iasis".

A total of 130 children, were examined for various issues, all equally important, in the demanding environment in which they live. The necessary "iasis" has been offered and, where necessary, for many children a referal to Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus for further treatment and intervention.


   Saturday afternoon on the 4th of November 2017, a vigorous debate was held, regarding issues that concern the teenagers and their parents.

Despite the weather's getting "rough", the goal was achieved. The waves did not cover the laughter of the children. Nevertheless, they covered us many times on the way to Marathon on Sunday 5th of November 2017. This is, moreover, the charm of the sea and the power of the human spirit that has found its way through the waves.

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 We have finally arrived all worn out, but with our souls full with emotions at our base in Marathon. Our mind is already flying to the next mission.


   All accounted:
• Vangelis Karabetsos, captain,
• Georgios Sagonas, captain,
• Ioannis Papandreou, pediatrician in adolescent medicine,
• Maria Matiatou, pediatrician
• Eleni Maria Kotsifa, pediatrician,
• Maria Garatzioti, pediatrician,
• Katerina Griniouk, pediatrician
• Tasos Theodosis Georgilas, Cardiologist,
• Eleni Frilingou, Health Visitor,
• Pavlos Vlachos, Mission Leader.


 The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support of AEGEAN AIRLINES, our Great Sponsor and the
The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support of the Mayor of Sifnos Andreas Babounis, the President of the Executive city Councilor, Costas Soulis, the tireless efforts of Mrs. Sapani Georgia and Lamprou Dimitra, who contributed greatly to the organization and smooth service for the children and their families.

The hospitality offered to our team was exemplary and for that we are thankfull.

The mission was accomplished under the wings of AEGEAN AIRLINES, our great sponsor and the support of the Administration of Tzaneios Hospital of Piraeus and in particular of the Administrator Mrs. Maria Arvaniti, of the Pediatric Clinic and the Clinic of Adolescent Medicine of Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus, of the 2nd Healthcare Region of Piraeus and Aegean, of the Medical Association of Piraeus and the Medical Association of Cyclades, to whom we extend our warm thanks.


We thank the company LALIZAS, shipping equipments, that continuously is in charge our marine equipment and the Marvel inflatable boat manufacturer for the safe transport of our team with its boats.


"Aegean Seagulls" Team