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Aegean seagulls in Serifos island

…As soon as there are people

A different mission



This trip captivated us even before it becomes true. It was the vision that was playing with our mind and soul.
        It was born from our contact with friends – residents of our islands, as anxiety, as a powerless anger, as a bittersweet compromise, as a complaint.
        “ We don’t have doctors, there are no specialized doctors, no pediatrician… Our children”.
It was born and shaked every time we were thinking of them.
We are parents too, we are mortals too.

We were thinking of those who don’t have the sun to our beautiful islands, neither the wind, the sea or the holidays but there is the everyday life, the struggle for survival, the family.

"Ach, Greece, let me tell you,
before you crow like a cock,
you deny me thirteen times.
You push me around, you bully me,
you kick me like a stray dog,
and you hang yourself above me."

                                    Lyrics: Manolis Rasoulis

…the listening was coming to consciousness like murmur to stir up the “ why” and “because”.


But beyond from the endless philosophical and sociopolitical searches- which is an easy refuge from the fear and passivity – for Greece that suffers…and until further notice, there were and there are always human beings. We exist, everyone, altogether.


Like this was born this trip.

The trip to Serifos, where there is no pediatrician.
With shared vision and thanks to the presence of those doctors:
  • Mr. Boukouvala Gabriel, director of paidorthopedic clinic of Metropolitan Hospital.
  • Mr. Papandreou John, pediatrician trustee II in Tzaneio Hospital specializing in adolescent medicine.
  • Mr. Alexandratou Harry, pediatrician, neonatologist (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at the IASO Hospital.

Health visitor:

  • Mrs Karvouni Hipolito, specializing in health education and vaccinations in Tzaneio Hospital.

and friend:

  • Mrs Evdokaki Helen.


The mission that took place was intended to medical care, diagnosis-treatment-interface, to the children of the island. 77 children in total were examined. It was considered necessary the further investigation and medical care of 28 of them.


Activating the interface process that exists from the “Aegean Sea Gulls” with the Clinic of Tzaneio Hospital and the doctors of this mission, who offered gratis, for some families the operation have already begun.

At the island of Serifos, “ barren” , from which comes the name of the island, is just the land. This land- rock. A rock from the top of the church of St. Constantine, facing the sea, Cyclades, you feel like talking to God.

In this island of myths (Danae, Perseus, Medusa), the Homeric references (Cyclops Polyphemus), and its long history (invaders and struggles), Saturday, October 13, 2012, we found "fertile" souls. We found people, who hug and worked with us for their children, increasing the potential of the intervention, facilitating our work. From the first moment, from the port to the Health Center, from noon till night, next to us was the Mayor Mr. John Conde, the doctor of cytology Sevastiadis Maria , Ms Vasiliki Zoili nurse and the soul of the organizational process in the island, city councilor and employee of the Health Center , Mrs Lilian Ntakoumi.

The children filled the Health Center and their voices were life calling, hum. swam. Curiosity, concern! And little fear, which was sweetened by the doctors’ smiles and by the gifts, that the Head of Emergency Department of Tzaneio, Konstantina Papadimitriou and the nurses of the Department sent.


Leaving from the island of Cyclops Polephemus, we were thinking that we didn't manage to see the beautiful beaches and the picturesque villages. We didn't see the throne. But we saw many pairs of eyes. Bright, playful, warm and beautiful eyes. Children's eyes , the eyes of the future.

We felt full, we felt happy- and it might seem a bit strange- we felt ready for a new trip. We were looking at the friends- companions in this mission – and we were thinking

...As soon as there are people , science can go together with selfless giving.
...As soon as there are people, there may be hope.

A big thank you.


We would like to thank all of you who responded to our call and helped to carry out the mission.

  • Mr. Tsirgi Dimitri, Commander of General Hospital of Syros
  • Pediatric Clinic of Tzaneio Hospital.
  • Mr. Kavallari Christo, Tax office.
  • Mr. Malatesta Manoli
  • Mr. Botonis Sakis, Sealine Ribs
  • STOP AEBE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Rent Car Poseidon, Livadi Serifos




    Serifos ΣέριφοςSERIFOS





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