Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean Seagulls in Sifnos island 2015


"Seeking the nature of happiness in Greek light"


 With the wings of AEGEAN AIRLINES


   Originally the island of Sifnos had the names "Merope" and "Acis' that refer to the Pleiades and Ovidius.
Walking on the island, an "Epicurean" place, everyone feels "Sifnos" from everyday worries and liberated. The island of Sifnos reminds me of the need to offer to each other, the beauty of altruism and the true meaning of the saying "all in good measure".

   Memory is a magic process... the moment we draw up our imprints, remembering seems to achieve that impossible synthesis ... which paints life with desire.
For those among us who visited Sifnos two years ago, an affair remained unsettled. We remember innocent children's eyes, marked by fear and their anguished plea for help.
The bullying is not a myth...

   And today we are back in Sifnos, ready to meet again with our friends, ready to care... to listen... to examine... to inform... to look after our children, our most precious smile the most precious of all tears.
It was a few months when our friends in Sifnos sent an open invitation for us to organize a mission addressing the needs of the children of the island.
We sought tirelessly to integrate a sound mission. The team's feeling was promising, the whole island offered generous support...  new pediatricians were incorporated in the team in order to address to the increased needs for pediatric care.

   Captains log, Friday the 13 of March, 2015, 10:00 AM. Three inflatable boats  departed from Harakas beach with our skippers Mr. E. Karabetsos, G. Sagonas and K. Kollias carrying our medical team. Our destination was the island of Sifnos. The weather conditions were heavy, "siroccos" wind and rain. The team arrived at the port of Kamares after four long hours. We were tired but ready, drenched to the bone but comforted by the warm reception of our friends ... Mr. Spyros Roupakiotis MD, Mr. Andreas Babounis, the mayor of Sifnos, Mr. Costas Soulis the Executive city councilor for health, Mr. Stavros Kalogirou, Ms. Moscha Diareme and Mr. Alekos Kastrinakis. They all waited for us under heavy rain and took care of our transport and our accommodation.

   In pediatric clinics 117 children were examined during Friday afternoon and Saturday from our physicians Mr. Boukouvaleas Gabriel (Paido-orthopaidics) Mr. Papandreou Ioannis (Pediatrician in Adolescent Medicine), Mrs Kotsifa Maria Helen (Pediatrician), Mr Pelagiadis Iordanis (Pediatrician), Papatheodorou Evelina (Pediatrician) and Mr. Lefteris Gonos (Tech. Radiologist). For some children we arranged further treatment in Athens.



   At this point we would like to thank Mr. Andreas Babounis, the mayor of Sifnos and the Secretary of the Board Mrs Maria Nadali for the excellent and exemplary organization.

   Alongside, educational sessions, were organized by Mrs Zapandiotou Lemonia (Psychologist (B.Sc.) - Psychotherapist - Adult Trainer (M.Sc- Counseling in Special Education and Health.) and Mrs. Marmara Zoe (M.Sc- Counseling in Special Education and Health.) for parents and teachers and for adolescents by Mr. Papandreou Ioannis (Pediatrician in Adolescent Medicine Clinic Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus).


   Captains log, Sunday March the 15, 2015, 08:30 AM. The team waked up early and got ready for departure .The wind freshens but our experienced skippers offered our team a pleasant and safe journey back to Harakas beach.
   We returned filled up with images, warm feelings and memories...


   We are missing a very dear friend, Mrs Eleni Kotsovou, Social Worker.
We would like to dedicate the Sifnos mission in her memory...
   Farewell Eleni...

   The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support of AEGEAN AIRLINES, our Great Sponsor and an Institution with Social Responsibility always standing by the side of the children.

We would like to express our gratitude to:
LALIZAS shipping items for our marine equipment
ntounisprint for our cloth equipment
• Nautical Club ORIA  parking for storage - lifting - launching of vessels
• The Manufacturer of Inflatable boats Marvel Ribs for the safe transport of our team with its vessels


"Aegean Seagulls" Team