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Aegean seagulls in Sifnos island


Mission in Sifnos


As a confirmation ...

As acontinuation ...

As a reward ...

As a hope ...

    As long as there are people, science can go together with selfless giving.
As long as there are people, there may be hope ...
    Thoughts... that were created upon completion of our previous mission in Serifos. And that as a confirmation of satisfaction and fullness , that all tasted on that trip, comes as a continuation of the growth of a team , that is consisted of friends and nurses with new members and wider range of expertise. As a reward to the belief that "we" instead of "I" or with the "I" feeds the soul, mind, life.
As a reward to the faith and to the contumacy that certainly we are many, everyone with his own forces , we can make the difference in Greece that suffers. As a hope. As 138 loving, beautiful, vivid ... hopes. As many as they are the children in Sifnos , where our pediatric team examined them selflessly. The clinical team, that with great desire participated in this mission, staffed by:

• Mr. Gavalakis Nicholas, Director of Pediatric Surgery at Hospital Tzaneio
• Mr. Bukuvalea Gabriel, Director of Pediatric orthopedics at Metropolitan Hospital
• Mr. Papandreou John, pediatrician  in Adolescent Medicine, in Tzaneio Hospital
• Mr. Alexandratos Harry Pediatrician Neonatologist, N.I.C.U IASO Hospital
• Mrs. Zioga Maria Dermatologist
• Mr. Panagea Theophano microbiologist Amalia Fleming Hospital
• Mr. Eleftherios Gonos, Tech. Radiologist in Tzaneio Hospital
• Mrs. Karvouni Hippolyta, Health Visitor at Tzaneio Hospital
• Mrs. Evdokaki Helen Secretarial Support

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  In these two days they gave their best, examining as many as possible of the 450 children of the island. Neither the island of Sifnos has a pediatrician.
We thank them from heart that exaggerating themselves, didn't literally took breath, because the time was not our ally this time, as neither was Neptune


   We will share with you the difficult paths of this beautiful destination quoting what we call "itinerary diary".

" Itinerary diary"

January 2013.
A mission is never only these specific days. It is never only certain people , that are involved in the action.
A lot of work, many fellow travelers, several the months ago to be designed, to be materialized, to be notified.
... The discussions, the ideas are starting; the thoughts about the content of the mission, the detection of the needs and how to act. Substantial assistance was the information that we had from the Governor of the Hospital of Syros , Mr. D. Tsirgi who stood by us with his guidance and his approval of our actions. A first planning designed to give mental health care is canceled , due to force majeure (health matters to the members of the mission). Regroup! We focus on Sifnos. Sifnos has many children (450) and loses the pediatrician after resignation. Communication starts with the Mayor, Mr. Babounis, and municipal officials Mrs Nadali M. and Mrs Ferentinou S.

February 2013.
Contacts with the Director of the Health Center, Mr. Makarona, which provided us the space and the equipment of the Health Center.
Many thanks for his cooperation.
Communications with municipal authorities continued uninterruptedly in order to inform the schools and through them, their families and the children.
The medical team by systematizing the intervention and by implementing a medical interface with Tzanio Hospital sends questionnaires shared in schools and filled in by the parents. A database was created for better care of children from our team.
A table informationwas also created for the adequate and prompt care of children in Tzanio Hospital under the medical interface.

March 2013.
The constant contacts with potential sponsors are finally paying off.  The team is sponsored by no one and the needs in medical,  equipment, fuel and others are great.

Two boats with the help of a sponsor, who wants to remain anonymous, are getting prepared, giving us the ability to disengage from the line ship, taking advantage as much as possible of the time for the children's good. The company LALIZAS A.E. offers high quality products at individual marine equipment for the protection of the members of the pediatric team during the journey.

The company Nortec Multimedia SA provides precious contemporary portable cardiograph, that we needed so much.

The big thank you, that we want to tell them publicly, is not only because they gave us what was so necessary for our missions and we could not have them without their own contribution, but for the acceptance, friendliness, human warm, that we had. Selflessness is contagious.

April 2013.
The weather forecast was ominous, the concern was intense.
Poseidon was wroth. The predictions show that the return would be impossible with yhe boats, since we would have to face 8 Beaufort and local 9 Beaufort.
Redefine. We are going by the ferry. The sponsorship for fuel translates into tickets for the mission.
Friday, April 5th we are leaving noon from Piraeus. After six hours, we arrive at the port of Sifnos, Kamares. Mr. Stavros Kalogirou, Municipal Councillor of Sifnos, welcomes us and offered us three cars for the movements of our twelve-member team. The Mayor, Mr.Babounis awaits us in the Health Center for a first contact with the place and has already arranged for our accommodation in Apollonia.
Their offer is valuable. We thank them wholeheartedly for the assessment and their help.

April 6-7/2013.
The office filled up with children. The equipment was very necessary (portable x-ray machine, medical laboratory, etc.) for the attainment of the laboratory examinations. On the part of the Municipality everything was organised in an extremely accommodative way. 138 children were examined, vaccinations , blood tests, x-rays, and in some cases was considered necessary care in Athens.



Sunday 14:25
We are leaving from the island. From the deck of the ship and the sea 'biting' we see the island, where mythological heroes, ordinary people and important persons of the historical period have left their traces.'''Woof in the loom of life''. By history and culture, as well as the beautiful beaches and picturesque villages of the island, we did not see anything! We could not approach even by our thought! No time!

But we consider ourselves lucky that we have seen, approached, listened, those who are leaving now and let their traces to the future, in this beautiful place, the children of the island.

A big thank you from the heart:

  • LALIZAS A.E. (Manufacturing and marketing marine products)
  • Nortec Multimedia SA
  • Christos Kavallaris (tax consultant office)
  • D. Kortessis & Co. (Medical Equipment)
  • STOP AEBE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • PROTO MOTO CAR (Kalogirou-Kamares Sifnos)



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