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Aegean Seagulls in Sifnos Island 2016


"The return to Astrogonio* ..."



No matter how many times our soul returns to a place, there is always a lot of things left to discover.
   Every time we are setting up for a mission, we always keep this thought in our mind.

      This time the destination is well known, we sail through familiar waters and under a friendly sky. We set sail once again for Astrogonio, the island of Sifnos, where you will continue from where we left of.
     Friday, November 4 of 2016. The hour of departure has arrived. Two inflatable boats with captains Mr. E. Karabetsos and Mr. K. Kolias, carrying the team and its equipment are ready to sail from Marathon.
At this moment, a fleeting thought passed through the mind ...
   ... Sirocco will surprise us again. Will we be wet? And that’s what happened


      We disembark at Kamares, wet to the bone but warm from those who are there to welcome us ... Mr. Andreas Bampounis, Mayor, and Mr. Costas Soulis, the executive city councilor for Health, were waiting for us to welcome us with a local treat. "Along with you came the rain that we need so much ..." tell us and we automatically understand how much they needed us. The island was I need of water and pediatricians ...
Our pediatric team always flexible and efficient quickly goes to the clinics. The clinics started Friday afternoon, 04/11/2016 and ended Saturday evening, 05/11/2016


    A total of 136 children were examined by our team: Mr. Theodore Grivas (Orthopedics), Mr. Papandreou Ioannis (Pediatrician in Adolescent Medicine), Mrs Matiatou Maria (pediatrician), Mrs Moumouletsa Antonia (pediatrician), Mrs Gkriniouk Katerina (pediatrician), Mr. Georgilas Anastasios (Cardiologist) and Mrs Kaiafa Anastasia (dermatologist). Many children have been refered to Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus for further treatment and intervention.  


    At this point we would like to thank the Mayor. Bampouni Andrea, Mr. Costas Soulis and Mrs. Flora Chryssou for the hospitality and as well as, for the excellent organization.
    Everything was organized in the best possible way contributing the most to the success of our action.


      Saturday afternoon 11/05/2016 a meeting with parents and teachers in the Cultural center of the island was held, with topics: "Adolescent as a collector of experiences" by Mrs. Marina Emmanuel Psychologist and Mr. Papandreou Ioannis (Pediatrician in Adolescent Medicine).


       Sunday morning, November 6, 2016. Our group departed heading back to Marathon. The weather was perfect. Time passed fast and pleasant, everyone is already thinking about the next time.

P1060922IMG 6113

       The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support of AEGEAN AIRLINES, our Great Sponsor and an Institution with Social Responsibility always standing by the side of the children.

We would like to express our gratitude to:
The company LALIZAS that offered the marine equipment of our team to be able to travel safely and comfortably .
The manufacturer of inflatable boats Marvel providing vessels to our team, so that we can travel where requested directly and safely

*Astrogonio is the corner of stars, another name for the island of Sifnos



"Aegean Seagulls" Team