Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean Seagulls in Sifnos Island 2018


« The experience of creation » 


 Birthday is the most important moment in everybody's life. It is the moment that defines the beginning of their story...

This experience is the projection of the birth to the world. People are always looking for experiences of creation in all our actions, always in the form of spontaneous motivation. We are searching for the satisfaction and happiness of an ideal new beginning.

  The team of Aegean Seagulls, once again, searching for its own "experience of creation" "flew" to the beloved Sifnos where it was welcomed by warm hearts and fresh children's voices.


  On October 5, 2018, the group immediately after arriving in Kamares, goes and settles to the well-known area of action. Sifnos Multipurpose Regional Clinic in beautiful Apollonia. Clinics ran smoothly in the two days of the mission and 90 children were examined, about half of them for the first time.


 It is ideal to know that the birthdays of so many children in a difficult environment continue to shape our experiences of creation giving us hope for the future.
Sunday October 7, 2018, the team returns to its base after having renewed the appointment for the next year.


 "It is a very beautiful feeling, Pavlos Vlachos, Alexandros Anastasopoulos, Maria Eleni Kotsifa, Maro Garatzioti, Despina Manesioti, Tonia Moumouletsa, Stavros Nikolaidis, the expectation to share again this experience of creation with you".

... thank you for being my companions on the trip, Giannis Papandreou.


   At this point we would like to thank all those who contributed, by any means, to the organization and success of this experience of creation: Mr. Andreas Babounis Mayor of Sifnos, Mr. Kostas Soulis President of the Municipal Council and Mrs. Katerina Psarafti and Flora Chrisos volunteers. Everyone has contributed greatly to the organization and smooth care of the children and their families.

Their hospitality was exemplary, and we thank them warmly.

The mission was accomplished under the wings of AEGEAN AIRLINES, our great sponsor and the special support of the Administration of Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus.


"Aegean Seagulls" Team