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We thank our volunteer doctors of the Social Non-profit Association "Aegean Seagulls" for the valuable assistance, that they offered to the children of our island during their visit at 11th ,12th and 13th October 2013 .
The mission consisted of doctors with specialized skills relating to children , who examined 124 children , infants and adolescents , provided free primary medical care, advice and guidance where the problems ,that they diagnosed, were unknown until today , made vaccines and minor (gags etc).
The large turnout of children and their parents showed once again the very serious health problem and especially the lack of a pediatrician in our island .
Such initiatives and actions, are supported and endorsed by our Municipality.
Congratulations to "Aegean Seagulls'' for this initiative. May they be an example to be emulated by other institutions.

Mayor of Antiparos                                                         The president K.E.D.A.
Ioannis Leventakis                                                            Emmanouilia Viazi



The Municipality of Sifnos and the Mayor Andreas Babounis sincerely thank the nonprofit social club "Aegean Seagulls", who visited the island on 6th and 7th April 2013 and provided selflessly primary medical care to children up to 16 years, and also medical interconnecting with Tzanio Hospital. The doctors examined 138 children - infants and teens. They carried out vaccinations, blood tests, x-rays, and in some cases referred to Athens for further care. Also the pediatrician Mr. John Papandreou discussed with teenagers issues related to school bullying.
Considering that the island has no longer a pediatrician, the offering of the " Aegean Seagulls" becomes even more important for parents and children, not only to treat diseases but also for the timely diagnosis of pediatric problems. The weather overstretched the doctors, but we are grateful because not only they didn't cancel their visit, but worked tirelessly for two days and relieved parents from the stress, time and travel expenses to Athens.
Special thanks to the management and the staff of the Regional Clinic of Sifnos, Mr. Nikos Kakakis, who voluntarily placed himself in the services of "Aegean Seagulls" for all the weekend, and to the person, who is responsible for health issues, the municipal counselor Mr. Stavros Kalogirou for the coordination, assistance and the offer of 3 cars of his company for moving doctors.
"Aegean Seagulls", thank you and wait for your next visit! You gave us the message that as long as there are people, the present gets light and the future hope!

The Mayor of Sifnos
Andreas Babounis



Dear Sirs,
With this we would like, on behalf of the Chief LS-EL.AKT and us personally, to convey to you our sincere thanks for the important contribution that you offer to our ship and to the Coast Guard.
From this moment we feel that you are partakers in the project of our ship which concerns the storage of the maritime borders of our country, civil protection and constant contribution to society.
We wish you good luck in the important work of the disinterested contribution to society of our country and we are at your disposal for any assistance.

The Governor
Chief mate C.G. Nicholas Nannos


"TZANIO" General Hospital of Piraeus.

Dear Sirs,

With this letter I want to thank you from my heart, for the honor by awarding me the honorary plaque of " Aegean Seagulls".
I am very happy that I was able to do something very small by helping that important work, the work of selflessness and solidarity to the inhabitants of tormented of our Aegean Islands.
Those heroic people, abandoned by the central government without any real care (doctors, medicines, etc.) have guardian angels, thankfully. Their "Aegean Seagulls ". You!
I would like to state again that I'm here. Beside you. As I can. As much as I can.
Thank you for the honour.

Dr. George Maragoudakis MD, PhD.
Orthopaedic surgeon
Director of the Child Orthopaedic Department


Serifos island

Thank you from my heart for your trip to Serifos and that you provide medical services to our children. Your work is very precious and commendable. Volunteering is a genuine offer to other humans and demonstrates the wealth of soul and abundance of love... Good streghth...

The Mayor of Serifos
Antonis Antonakis


Thank you for the donation of medicines in Metropolitan Social Greek Clinic. For all of us, Clinic volunteers, that we aim to care for the socially weak citizens, acts like yours are of particular importance, since actively encourage and support our hard work.

Christina Kollia


Sikinos island

May 27, 2012

Thank you letter to the “Aegean Seagulls”

Dear friends,

It was a great honor and joy to have you again on our island. This time you arrived not as simple visitors but as messengers of good news. You brought messages of solidarity, compassion, cooperation and love for fellow men. Personally the joy was even greater since it was our summer meeting-discussion that led to the birth of a real friendship.

On my behalf and on behalf of the whole Town council of Sikinos, we would like to sincerely thank you and your sponsors for everything you have offered our island. From the large quantity of medicine that is already being distributed to the people in need, to the medical equipment (monitor, stretcher, mobile defibrillator and otoscope. Furthermore for the presents, clothes and toys that brought joy and smiles to the school children. In theses dire times that our country is facing, not only financially, such initiatives gain greater importance and become a true example to be followed.

They fill our hearts with joy, strength, hope and optimism for the future. With initiatives such as these we feel that we are not alone but, there are people who think of us and care about us. They are not led by personal gain but by the goodness of their hearts and souls. You have the respect and deep appreciation of all of us! From the depths of my heart I wish that our cooperation continues. May all of you be well.

With friendly regards,

Vice-Mayor of Sikinos
Marakis Vasileios

Thank you letters from:

The "Aegean Seagulls" would like to thank the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery at Tzaneio Hospital and in particular:

Mr. Bouldathaki, Director
Mr. Gavalaki, A' Supervisor
the nurses of the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery

and Doctor Papadaki, Director of the Pediatric ultrasound at the Radiology department.


Leros island

Dear Seagulls, thank you very much for your valuable help when my son needed surgery. No words can express what you have offered us!!!!!!!! Wishing you Season Greetings and strength to continue offering what you do with so much love. From the depths of my heart, thank you!!

Irini Pagoni


Ai Stratis island

We continue to have strong winds on our island, yet there are smiles on our faces ... thanks to our friends the "Seagulls"!

The Seagulls reminded us that promises are sacred among friends as they did not break the promise they gave us last December to support us in our need. Their actions strengthen our hope that even during difficult times, there are friends who don't forget the children of the islands.

Anna Mantzourani
High School Director - Agios Efstratios

The Shelter for Juveniles on Siros island

Just like flowers in a garden our children need care and love. Our garden is particularly sensitive and we are all responsible for its careful cultivation. The Shelter thanks you warmly for your donation and reassures you that your "seed" will grow and bloom in the hearts of our children.

Yours sincerely,

Mari Kidonieos Fosteri



With this letter we wish to inform you that we are willing to be of service, in terms of blood donations from the AlterChannel employees'blood bank, contributing in this way to your cause.

Director of Human Resources
Nasia Gorgoli

Community Medical Centre - Pharmacy of Kilkis

Dear Seagulls,

I was moved reading about your adventurous journey. I feel proud we offered joy to people who need it so much as they struggle in adverse conditions to deal with their daily problems. We are at your side for other missions also. The Community Medical Centre – Pharmacy of Kilkis meets its purpose.

With respect,

Agathopoulos Dimitrios.


From Ai Stratis island to the "Aegean Seagulls"

09 December 2010
We wish that the waves of the Aegean Sea bring to the island of Ai Stratis seagull friends like you.
Your presence beautiful, warm and structured you won the children's hearts.
Aegean Seagulls we need you. Continue.

Byron Manikakis


Kastos island

I sincerely thank the team of Seagulls and their sponsors for their noble, vital donations of medical equipment (a modern electrocardiograph, glucose-cholesterol measuring device)and pharmaceutical supplies that help meet the needs of the Peripheral Medical Centre on the Island of Kastos.

I wish you continuing success with your valuable and important volunteer work.

Warm regards,

Mousa Nikolas
Local Doctor, KASTOS Island

Kimolos island

The selfless offer honors you and exemplifies our island and our country. We thank you from our hearts for the significant enhance to our rural clinic with essential medicines.

"God has you all well"

Mayor of Kimolos
Theodore Maganiotis